Karen always made me laugh. Somewhere in Heaven, shes got em rolling. And, if dogs and cats go to Heaven (and i like to think they do), They have another Angel to watch over them. I do not believe it would be a good thing if everyone in the world expressed their and understanding of alcoholic behavior by encouraging the alcoholic to believe that it was ok for him to drink, and that those who were critical of him were I also do not believe that it would be good public policy for the Government to provide every alcoholic with a fifth of whiskey every day. In exactly the same way, I believe that we should recognize that homosexuals are afflicted with a condition that they may have trouble living with, but I don believe we should encourage homosexual behavior by acting as though their was nothing wrong with such behavior dildos, and that anyone who disagrees with their right to live the way they want is a I believe that having the government homosexual activity by agreeing that a between couples of the same sex is as valid as a real marriage between people of the opposite sex amounts to the same thing as if the Government were to provide free alcohol for alcoholics. Furthermore, I believe that only by abstaining from homosexual activity can homosexuals live successful lives, in the true meaning of that term..

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